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It is said to be the “world’s fastest surfboard”, thanks to its German design. It’s an electric surfboard, powered by a 15 HP electric jet engine, which propels the board at over 50km/h. Totally emission-free, its 51.8 volt lithium-ion battery keeps the motor running for 20-35 minutes, and offers a range of up to 20km.

Lampuga is controlled by a steering belt with an integrated throttle that allows users to fully control their direction and speed. Instead of using tethers, users stand on a non-slip mat that provides traction, and a cable connected to the user’s leg activates an emergency stop system in case of a fall. The board can be ridden standing, sitting or kneeling.

Encased in a carbon fiber/aluminum composite shell, the board weighs 37 kg and can easily be transported on the roof of a car. Like the Radinn Electric Wakeboard we featured in September, Lampuga comes standard with a 30-amp charging device that will charge the battery in two hours, but the time can be cut in half with a high-powered 60-amp charger.


Range: 20-35min / 20km.

Speed: +50km/h

Price: 450€/day (IVA inc.)

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